Welcome to Mises

A social network protocol based on
blockchain technology

Dedicated to helping users to control personal data and to
implement 100% freedom of speech.

Mises is a blockchain
network protocol

customized for
decentralized social
customized for
decentralized social


100% open sourced

All codes and data of Mises social network protocol is open sourced.

High concurrency low gas fee

Unlike current public chains, Mises is customized to support high volume of data with low gas fee

Based on Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus

Mises social network protocol is part of Cosmos ecosystem it's based on Cosmos SDK and tendermint consensus.

Mises features

Mises ID

Mises ID is generated by Mises social networkprotocol. It's unique, secured, private and compatible with Ethereum addresses.

Mises community

Community is the carrier of Mises social network protocol. The social relations and content of users generated in MIses community is stored on Mises network nodes and no one can delete them.


By integrating blockchain wallet and browsers to Mises network protocol you can use web3 services conveniently on mobile devices.

Decentralized Storage

All social relations of users on Mises like personal data and post use decentralized storage. You can access these content without worrying about being deleted or suspended. 


By connecting wallet address you can display and trade your NFT to imporve your image.

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Why use Mises

100% user-owned data

Mises social data is completely owned by users and cannot be deleted by anyone,You can always access your data without worrying about being suspended.

100% free speech

All content is stored on nodes running on Mises network and there's no censorship on Mises in order to make Mises community 100% free speech.

For Mobile devices

Mises is optimized for mobile devices to help you have a better user experience and more convenience for using web3 service.


Estimated total of MIS is between 270 million and 600 million

A total of 100 million MIS were initially issued

MIS generated with the generation of blocks

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